OilPull 30-60 E (1910-1923)

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The Model E was the longest and largest produced Rumely Oil Pull. It was produced from 1910-1923, of the 3,246 tractors produced only 94 survived. The model E featured a two-cylinder horizontal side-by-side transverse engine and is part of the heavy-weight class of Oil Pulls. The 30-60 was able to pull ten 14-inch plows and would handle the largest separator built on the belt. It was in high favor with road contractors and commissioners as it was able to pull elevating graders, large blade graders, land levelers, and other heavy machines. Not only was this machine a powerhouse for the construction industry it also greatly improved farming as the growth of farms took off. This tractor had the ability to pull 8 to 10 plows through ordinary soil. The operation of this machine was smooth and steady despite the variations in size of the loads. Its reputation for pulling power was unquestioned. The two-cylinder 10 x 12 inch engine operated at 375 RPM, and Rumely rated it to have 30 drawbar and 60 belt horsepower. There was nothing cheap about this 26,000 pound monster — it sold for $4,300 in 1918. In Test Report No. 8 of the 30-60, Nebraska test engineers remarked that “ the tractor would have carried a 30 h.p. load for ten hours without difficulty”. On the maximum load test the 30-60 developed 75.60 brake horsepower, burning 10.73 gallons of fuel per hour; equivalent to 7.05 horsepower hours per gallon of fuel. Nearly as much water was consumed with the fuel mixture. On the drawbar test it developed 49.91 horsepower with a maximum pull of 10,025 pounds.

Tractor Info

Engine: Advance-Rumely

Cylinders: 2 horizontal, 10 x 12 inches

Bore and Stroke: 10.00x12.0

RPM: 375

CID: 1885

Fuel: Kerosene/Gasoline

Main Fuel Tank Cap: 70 gallons of kerosene 85 gallons of water

Aux Fuel Tank Cap: 2

Carburetor: Secor Higgins

Cooling Capacity: 70

drawbar HP: 49.91

Belt PTO HP: 75.6

Weight: 26,000 lbs

Length: 228 inches

Width: 116 inches

Height: 135

Number of Gears: 1/1

Valve arrangement: Vertical

Ignition: Low tension magneto

Lubrication: Force feed and splash

Cooling system: Oil pump circulation

Pulley: Face 11 inches, diameter 36 inches; RPM 375

Transmission: Open spur gears, cast

Traction: Two wheels, 80 inches high, 30 inches wide

Speeds: Miles per hour, 1.9

Total Produced: 8,224

1910: 101-236

1911: 237-746

1912: 747-1678

1913: 1679-1787

1914: None Built

1915: 1819-2018

1916: 2019-2100

1917: 2997-8724

1918: 8725-8902

1919: 11500-11596

1920: 2252-2351

1921: 2352-2402

1922: 2404-2453

1923: 2454-2503

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Last Updated: June 9th, 2023

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