OilPull 25-45 B (1910 - 1912)

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1910 - 1912

“ Kerosene Annie” , the first Rumely tractor, underwent a few changes after the 1910 season, and burst forth in 1911 as the Type B, 25-45 OilPull. This tractor was the first Rumely Oilpull to come off the line, out of 935 produced there are 23 still known to exist. The model B is part of the heavy-weight class of Oilpulls, engineers created a custom carburetor for these tractors that injected a measured quantity of water with the fuel/air mix into the engine which improved the efficiency of the combustion. Known for its odd shape this model of Rumely’s had small looking rear wheels and a large radiator.

Tractor Info

Engine: Oilpull

Cylinders: 2

Bore and Stroke: 9.50x12

CID: 1700

Fuel: Distillate

Belt PTO HP: 45

Weight: 23,800 lbs

Total Produced: 1,836

1910: 1-100

1911: 2101-2269

1912: 2270-2936

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Last Updated: November 16th, 2022

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