OilPull 18-35 F (1911-1918)

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The 15-30 OilPull gave way to the 18-35 model in 1918. It
was basically the same tractor with a new horsepower
rating. Low tension ignition was retained, but high tension
magneto and spark plugs were available as a
customer installed option. The development of reliable
high tension megnetos provided a much simpler ignition
system than the complicated mechanical igniters. This
16,000 pound model was built only in 1918.

Tractor Info

Engine: Rumely Oilpull

Cylinders: 2

CID: 942

Fuel: Kerosene/Gasoline

Belt PTO HP: 35

Weight: 16,000 lbs

1911: 5001-5680

1912: 5681-6738

1913: 6739-7487

1914: 7500-7856

1915: None-Built

1916: 7857-8084

1917: 8085-8591

1918: 8903-9177

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