OilPull 12-20 K (1918-1924)

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A small OilPull model emerged in 1919. The 12-20 model
was ideally suited for the small farm. Its two cylinder 6 x
8 inch engine operated at 560 RPM. Two forward speeds
and one reverse were provided. In Nebraska Test No. 10,
the Model K, 12-20 developed 15.02 drawbar horsepower
with a maximum pull of 2,780 pounds. Maximum brake
horsepower was 25.87, developed at 566 RPM. The 12-20
weighed 6,638 pounds. Production ended in 1924. Originally started as the 10-20 with ignitors, being one of the smallest Rumely’s made it has impressive cabability with its two cylinder, kerosene burning, heavy duty engine. It was known for its compact construction, short turning, easy steering ability, and smooth running ability. It would pull three 14-inch moldboard plows, run a 22 x 36 inch Ideal separator, or a medium sized silo filler or corn shredder.

Tractor Info

Engine: Advance Rumely Horizontal Opposed

Cylinders: 2

Bore and Stroke: 6.00x8.00

RPM: 560

CID: 452.4

Fuel: Kerosene/Gasoline

Main Fuel Tank Cap: 23

Aux Fuel Tank Cap: 1

Caburetor: Secor Higgins

Air Cleaner: Donaldson

Cooling Capacity: 10

Drawbar HP: 15.02

Belt PTO HP: 25.87

Weight: 6,430 lbs

Length: 132 inches

64 inches

Number of Gears: 2/1

Total Produced: 7,284

1918: 12000-12100

1919: 12101-13656

1920: 13657-15100

1920: 16836-17639

1921: 17640-18648

1922: 18649-19268

1923: 19269-20510

1924: 20511-21018

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