Gaspull 15-30 (1916)

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The 15-30 GasPull was built as a light, affordable, yet sturdy and powerful machine. It was unsurpassed for its plowing power and was able to build roads and haul crops to market.

Rumely’s 1912 purchase of Northwest Thresher Co. of Stillwater, Minn., brought with it the Universal 20-40 tractor. A. O. Espe had designed this tractor, and several companies sold it, including the Minneapolis Threshing Machine Co. Its two-cylinder opposed design used a 7 1/2 x 8 inch bore and stroke with a rated speed of 500 rpm. Soon after purchasing Northwest Thresher Co., Rumely christened this model as the GasPull, simultaneously rating it downward to a 15-30 model. The GasPull carried a 50-plus gallon fuel tank at the front of the tractor. Unlike the OilPull, the GasPull was water-cooled, using a thermo-syphon system with a cooling fan. Standard equipment included the canopy and lug equipment. Extension rims were also available, and at extra cost the GasPull could be equipped with rice field equipment consisting of special extension rims and mud scrapers.

Tractor Info

Engine: Advance Rumely

Cylinders: 2

Bore and Stroke: 7 1/2x8

RPM: 500

Fuel: Gas

Main Fuel Tank Cap: 53

Carburetor: Kingston

Drawbar HP: 15

Belt PTO HP: 30

Weight: 11,000 lbs

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Last Updated: January 20th, 2023

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