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Today’s firm has roots going back to 1851, as a result of the 1941 merger with Peru Wheel Company, Peru, Illinois. Originally established as Brewster, Dodge, & Huse, it became known as Peru City Plow Company. This firm was the first builder of metal spoked wheels in this country. EWC tractors were sold through many U.S. distributors and in Canada through Geo. White & Sons Company, Ltd. London, Ontario. They walked into the valley of the giants with their “EWC 80” crawler tractor in the late 1920s. The advertising literature says nothing about the fuel consumption, which it is assumed must have been considerable since the fuel tank carried 60 gallons.

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The Electric Wheel Company was incorporated under Illinois law on April 24, 1890. Charles G. Comstock, Thomas Hill, and Samuel H. Emery, Jr. were the original incorporators, along with John A. Stilwell as secretary and manager. The purpose of the company was to manufacture metal wheels by a new electrical process. It’s possible some trails were made as early as 1904. At least by 1908, a traction truck was available for customer-mounted engines, and about 1912 the first tractors were built. Tractor manufacture was dropped about 1930, probably as a consequence of the Great Depression. There are no records known or other information regarding the disposition o the tractor business. Electric Wheel Company became an operating division of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in March 1957.


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# Produced

Traction Truck


Model “O” Quincy All Purpose Tractor 20-30


No. 1


EWC 1915


Allwork 14-28


Allwork II 12-25


EWC 80


Model D


16-30 Allwork Tractor


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