J.I. Case

Model 20-40 (1912-1919)

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This tractor was known for its fuel econmy which helped to make it very popular. The 20-40 produced 41% more drawbar horsepower with the same amount of fuel as it closest competeitor. One option offered with this tractor was the enclosed operator’s cab. This tractor also gained a reputation as the “hill climber” because they were demonstrated running up and down special ramps.

Tractor Info

Engine: Case Horizontial Opposed

Cylinders: 2, opposed, 8 3/4 x 9 inches

Bore & Stroke: 8.75 x 9.00

RPM: 475

CID: 1082.4

Fuel: Kerosene/Gasoline

Main Fuel Tank Cap: 26

Aux Fuel Tank Cap: 11

Carburetor: Kingston

Cooling Capacity: 28

Drawbar HP: 24.66

Belt PTO HP: 42.8

Weight: 13,780 lbs

Length: 177 inches

Width: 100 inches

Height: 107 inches

Number of Gears: 2/1

Plows Pulled: Five to six, 14-inch bottoms

Valve arrangement: In head; head removable

Ignition: K. W. high tension

Lubrication: Madison-Kipp, force feed

Cooling system: Thermo-Syphon with friction driven fan

Pulley: Face, 8 1/2 inches; diameter, 24 inches; RPM 475

Transmission: Selective; two speeds and reverse

Turning circle: 41 feet, outside circle

Speeds: Miles per hour, 2-3

Total Produced: 4,303

1912: 100

1913: 691

1914: 2496

1915: 2842

1916: 3691

1917: 7492

1918: 13285

1919: 22223

Location: Brass oval plate left side of the front frame

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Last Updated: June 9th, 2023

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