International Harvester

656 (Gas) (1966-1973)

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Offered in gasoline, propane, or diesel styles, the 656 delivered approximately 66 PTO horsepower. In addition to a regular five-speed transmis­ sion, the 656 was also available with hydrostatic drive, first offered in 1967. This gave an infinite speed range at full engine speed and full power. The gear-drive model featured Harvester’s new Dyna-Life clutch for better performance and longer life. With the same four-plow capacity as regular 656 Farmall tractors, the Farmall 656 high-clearance models gave an extra 12 inches of clearance for safe work in delicate crops. For extra support of the front axles, special braces were added back to the frame. A luxurious, padded seat was standard equipment, and a new grille design was featured.

Tractor Info

Engine: IH

Cylinders: 6

Bore & Stroke:


CID: 281

Fuel: Diesel

Main Fuel Tank Cap:

Aux Fuel Tank Cap:


Cooling Capacity:

Drawbar HP:

PTO HP: 61.5

Weight: 6029 lbs

Length: 152 inches

Width: 74 inches

Height: 56 (hood) inches

Number of Gears: 10/2


1966: 7501

1967: 7842

1968: 9929

1969: 11802

1970: 13353

1971: 14194

1972: 14952

1973: 15746

Location: Right side of the clutch housing

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Last Updated: September 12th, 2022

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