641 (Gas) (1957-1962)

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The Ford 641 featured either a Ford 2.2L 4 cylinder gasoline engine, a Ford 2.4L 4 cylinder diesel engine, or a Ford 2.2L 4 cylinder LP gas engine. This tractor was apart of the 601 Workmaster series and was originally priced at $3,096. This tractor had a 4×2 2WD chassis, 4-speed unsnychronized gear transmission, and differential mechanical expanding shoe brakes.

Tractor Info

Engine: Ford EAE Verticle I-Head

Cylinders: 4

Bore & Stroke: 3.4375X3.60

RPM: 2,000

CID: 134

Fuel: Gasoline

Main Fuel Tank Cap: 13

Aux Fuel Tank Cap:

Carburetor: Marvel-Schebler TSX

Cooling Capacity: 3.75

Drawbar HP: 23.23

Belt PTO HP: 30.08

Weight: 2.825 lbs

Length: inches

Width: inches

Height: inches

Number of Gears: 4/1 5/1 10/2


1957: 1001

1958: 11977

1959: 58312

1960: 105943

1961: 131427

1962: 155531

Location: On the transmission case on the top left behind the starter.

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