Rock Island Plow Co.

Continuous growth followed the birth of the company and by 1912, Rock Island Plow Company offered plows, listers, planters, drills, discs, harrows, harrow carts, stalk cutters, cultivators, potato diggers, and hay loaders. Tractors and gasoline engines followed by 1914.

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The firm of Buford & Tate was established in 1855. Charles Buford and R. N. Tate built plows and other farm equipment. During the Civil War, Buford bought out his partner and formed Buford & Company. A disastrous fire in 1882 brought about a reorganization of the firm and from these ashes, Rock Island Plow Company was formed. Heider Manufacturing Company in Carroll, Iowa had been building a nice little tractor. Rock Island made a deal to sell its tractors in 1914 and 1915. Sales were so good that Heider’s small plant couldn’t keep up with the orders. On January 1, 1916, Rock Island Plow Company bought out Heider’s tractor operations. “Heider” tractors were marketed by Rock Island Plow Company for many years, along with a host of other farm machines. In 1937, the company was purchased by J.I. Case Company, Racine, Wisconsin.


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