Rock Island Plow Co.

D (9-16) (1917-1928)

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According to Rock Island Plow Company’s own advertising literature, “It (the Model D) is…an exact duplicate of the Model C, 12-20 except for size.” Thus it is apparent that the same transmission, a similar Waukesha engine, and other features followed very closely, model for model. During Test No. 17, which consisted of about 33 hours running time, only minor repairs or adjustments were necessary. A four-cylinder 4 1/4 x 5 3/4 engine powered the 9-16. Total weight of the tractor was 4,100 pounds, compared to 6,200 pounds for the 12-20 of Test No. 16. In the drawbar tests a maximum pull of 1,900 pounds was exerted by the 9-16, and this at a speed of 2.32 mph, for a corresponding maximum drawbar horsepower of 11.76. In the belt a maximum of 19.54 horsepower was recorded—-fuel consumption came to 2.89 gph in this test for an equivalent of 6.75 horsepower hours per gallon of kerosene fuel.

Tractor Info

Engine: Waukesha Vertical L-Head

Cylinders: 4

Bore & Stroke: 4.25x5.75

RPM: 900

CID: 429

Fuel: Kerosene

Main Fuel Tank Cap: 21

Aux Fuel Tank Cap:

Carburetor: Kingston L3

Cooling Capacity:

Drawbar HP: 11.76

Belt PTO HP: 19.54

Weight: 4,100 lbs

Length: 144 inches

Width: 74 inches

Height: 96 inches

Number of Gears: 7/1


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Last Updated: August 10th, 2023

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