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From 1916 to 1918, La Crosse Tractor Company offered two tractor models, the 8-16 Model A, and the 12-24 Model B. La Crosse-Happy Farmer tractors made a big hit at the tractor demonstrations. Their lightweight, simple design, coupled with an attractive price aided their popularity. For 1919, and 1920, La Crosse offered a new Model F, a 12-24 model, built along the same lines as the old Model B. A Model G 12-24 tractor was also available. Its only difference was that it used a wide-tread front axle instead of the single front wheel used on the Model F. La Crosse brought out the Model M and Model H line-drive tractors in 1921 and 1922. These tractors were operated from the drawn implement by a pair of leather lines, just like driving a team of horses. Among today’s vintage tractor collectors, this model is extremely rare.

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La Crosse Tractor Company was organized in late 1916. It resulted from a consolidation of the Happy Farmer Tractor Company of Minneapolis and the Sta-Rite Engine Company of La Crosse. Happy Farmer had been selling their tractor for about a year. Most of the tractors had been built by Sta-Rite, but the Sta-Rite firm dated back several years as a gas engine builder. All went well with the Happy Farmer and LaCrosse tractors until 1921. In July of that year, it was announced that Oshkosh Tractor Company had purchased the entire assets of the La Crosse Tractor Company. Despite the big plans of Oshkosh, it was announced in early 1922 that they would not carry out their agreement, although a factory site had been purchased, and the building foundations had been erected. The La Crosse people announced that they would resume building the tractor after the Oshkosh withdrawal, but little came of it.


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8-16 Model A


Model G 12-24


Model F 12-24


Model M 7-12


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