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Heider’s first tractor model was announced in “Farm Implement News” magazine in July 1911. Its unique feature waws an infinitely variable friction drive from the engine flywheel. Under this arrangement, the belt speed could also be varied to suit the machine. It was an exceptionally light tractor for its day. Several improvements were evident between Heider’s 1911 and 1915 models. These improvements along with the addition of fenders increased the sales appeal. Rock Island Plow Company sold hundreds of these tractors, and eventually bought out the Heider tractor interests Rock Island used the Heider trade name on their tractors until 1927.

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John Heider had been a farmer in Carroll County, Iowa for thirty years before going into the manufacturing business. Two sons, H, J. and J.C. Heider were also involved in the new company which at first made plow eveners and other farm items. H J. Heider was president of the company, having developed all the Heider patents prior to the tractor being announced in 1911. The new tractor was an early success. By 1914, Heider had entered into a selling arrangement with the powerful Rock Island Plow Company. Within a short time, the orders were too much for the Heider facilities, and as a result, Rock Island Plow Company bought out the Heider tractor interests and continued to build several models of Heider friction drive tractors until 1927. The company continued operating into the 1980s, having gained high status as a manufacturer of ladders and other equipment. The business was sold sometime in the 1980s to Wellbuilt Company.


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