Banting Mfg. Co.

The Banting Manufacturing Company was located in Toledo, Ohio. The were most known for their Greyhound line including separators, bean threshers, beet harvesters, steam traction engines, hay presses, cotton pickers, and The Thresherman’s Special gas tractor. Banting produced their first gas tractors from 1925 to 1927 which were essentially Allis-Chalmers tractors as they had struck a deal around 1925 that Allis-Chalmers would sell Banting separators while Banting bought and modified the Allis-Chalmers 20-35 to sell.

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John Banting opened the first store where he began selling farm machinery, he would later selling his business in 1900 and move to Toledo where he then organized Banting Machine Co. Around 1915 he and his brother, Carlos, started another manufacturing enterprise which is most commonly known as Banting Mfg. Co. The Banting company did not stay open for very long. Around 1930 the Banting Mfg. Co. was liquidated and Carlos Banting formed the Banting Machine Co. Banting Machine Co. would go on to act as sales agents for Allis-Chalmers in northwest Ohio until 1954.


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