Got One?

Classic Farm and Tractor – January/February 2018

Seems like today, the person who gets 10 years of trouble free operation from a refrigerator should count themselves amongst the lucky. However, if you bought an International, a half century of service might not be too much to ask.

James Lynch of Taylorsville, Illinois was the first to get a photo of his IH refrigerator to us. His wife’s parents bought it before his wife was born. The Lynches have been entrusted with its care and now use it to store eggs and refreshments. They even still have the original manual. For being the first to get a photo to us, the Lynches get one year added to their subscription.

Jim Lundell of Kiron, Iowa owns a number of IH refrigeration items. Here he is seen with a refrigerator, freezer and sign.


For next month, let’s stay off the beaten path. Today, foreign brands of pickups are so ubiquitous one doesn’t even notice them. By “foreign,” I mean anything that’s not Ford, Dodge or GM. Toyota, Honda and Nissan would be considered foreign by some, even though in many cases they are assembled in the U.S. and have more U.S. sourced parts than the “American” companies.

At any rate, back in the 1960s, the Datsun pickup shown above would have turned a few heads and maybe even elicited a few giggles when seen on the road. Notice the very bottom line on the coupon urging car dealers to add Datsun to their line. It probably turned out well for the few dealers who took them up on this offer in the 1960s and stuck with it. Do you have an early Datsun, Toyota or other foreign pickup? We’ll add one year to the subscription of whomever sends a photo of themselves standing next to the oldest one.

Jamie Gegner has two IH refrigerators in his shop.