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Mogul 8-16 (1914-1917)

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The Mogul 8-16 tractors were an instant favorite for field work, especially for plowing. This outfit put tractor farming within the financial reach of ordinary grain and livestock farmers. A narrow front axle gave ample belt clearance and permitted a short turning radius. The single cylinder engines were of hopper-cooled design, and the large vertical stack was a vent and expansion stack for the cooling water. A front view of the Mogul shows the narrow front trucks. The specially designed main frame allowed the front wheels to “cut under” the frame, permitting short turns. Small farmers appreciated this feature, since the majority of 1915 tractors required a huge turning space. Steering on the 8-16 Mogul was accomplished by a simple worm and sector arrangement. The extended front axle was intended for a plow guide. Mogul 8-16 tractors were available with optional rear extension rims. Adding a set of these rims improved traction. Only a single forward speed was available on the 8-16. Reverse speed was engaged separately. Both were controlled from individual levers just inside the left hand drive wheel. The brake was controlled by a handwheel, barely visible behind the left hand driver.

Tractor Info

Engine: IHC

Cylinders: 1

Bore & Stroke:8.00x12.00

RPM: 400

CID: 603

Fuel: Kerosene

Main Fuel Tank Cap:

Aux Fuel Tank Cap:

Carburetor: IHC

Cooling Capacity: 35

Drawbar HP: 8

Belt PTO HP: 16

Weight: 5000 lbs

Length: 135 inches

Width: 56 inches

Height: 61 inches

Number of Gears: 1/1


1914: SB501

1915: SB521

1916: SB5632

1917: SB13901

FInal: SB14565

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Last Updated: November 14th, 2022

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