Bull Tractor Co.

Little Bull (1913-1914)

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The Little Bull was first displayed at teh Minnesota State Fair in September, 1913. The pilot models were built in the plant of Andrews Heating Company, but a contract was soon arranged with Minneapolis Steel & Machinery Compnay to build the machine. The 1914 model had a two cylinder opposed motor with a 5-12 horse power rating. it performed fairly well under good conditions, but lacked the necessary reseve power. It must be conceded that this model had not been tested as it should have been, and many farmers were justified in hollering that they ahd been stung.

Tractor Info

Engine: Twin-Cylinder


Bore & Stroke:



Fuel: Gasoline

Main Fuel Tank Cap:

Aux Fuel Tank Cap:


Cooling Capacity:

Drawbar HP: 5

Belt PTO HP: 12



Width: Height:

Number of Gears:


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