880 (1961-1971)

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Operating at its rated engine speed of 2,200 rpm, the 880 Diesel delivered a maximum of 40.42 PTO horsepower, together with an economy of 15.26 horsepower hours per gallon of fuel. A second run made at 540 PTO rpm and a corresponding engine speed of 1,828 rpm indicated an economy figure of 16.63, and an output of 35.91 horsepower. This tractor was equipped with a David Brown three-cylinder diesel engine having a 3 13/16 x 4 1/2 inch bore and stroke for a 154 CID. During 45 1/2 hours of operating time, no repairs or adjustments were recorded. Features of this 4,315 pound tractor included 13.6-28 rear and 6.00-16 inch front tires. Also featured was a selective gear fixed-ratio transmission of six forward speeds in a range from 2.27 to 15.4 mph. Drawbar testing saw a total weight of 6,645 pounds through the addition of front and rear ballast. Drawbar economy was scored at 13.4 horsepower hours per gaUon in the two-hour maximum available power run. This test indicated an output of 34.55 horsepower, a puU of 2,619 pounds at 4.95 mph and 5.56% shppage. A ten-hour run at 75% pull eUcited an economy figure of 13.33 while dehvering 28.15 drawbar horsepower. Recorded too was a puU of 2,033 pounds at 5.19 mph and 4.2% slippage.

Tractor Info

Engine: David Brown

Cylinders: 3

Bore & Stroke: 3.625x4.00

RPM: 1800

CID: 154

Fuel: Diesel

Main Fuel Tank Cap: 14.5

Aux Fuel Tank Cap:


Cooling Capacity:

Drawbar HP:

Belt PTO HP: 42.29

Weight: 4200 lbs

Length: 115 inches

Width: 64 inches

Height: 52.625 inches

Number of Gears: 6/2 12/4


1961: 35001 4cyl Implematic

1962: 351038 4cyl Implematic

1963: 354478 4cyl Implematic

1964: 358954 3cyl Implematic

1964: 521001 4cyl Implematic

1965: 522384 3cyl

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