Rumely 6A (1930-1931)

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Production of the Rumely 6A tractor began in 1930, ending in 1931. Sales were apparently very poor, since in late 1931 when Allis-Chalmers assumed control, well over 700 Rumely 6A tractors were still on hand in the LaPorte factory. Allis-Chalmers continued to offer the 6A until remaining stocks were depleted, thus this model is listed in various tractor directories as late as 1934. The Rumely 6A was equipped with a Waukesha 6-cylinder engine built to Advance-Rumely specifications. Rated at 135 rpm, it used a 4 1/4 x 4 3/4 inch bore and stroke. Its features included six forward speeds compared to the usual three offered by the competition. Weighing 6,370 pounds, the 6A pulled a maximum load of 4,273 pounds under slippage of 9.96%. Thus the 6A managed to pull 67% of its own weight.

Tractor Info

Engine: Waukesha special verticle L-head

Cylinders: 6

Bore and Stroke: 4.25x4.75

RPM: 1,365

CID: 404.3

Fuel: gas

Main Fuel Tank Cap: 25

Carburetor: Zenith

Air Cleaner: Donaldson & Vortex

Cooling Capacity: 9.5

Drawbar HP: 33.57

Belt PTO HP: 48.37

Weight: 6,000 lbs

Length: 163 inches

Width: 70 iches

Number of Gears: 3/1

Total Produced: 802

1930: 501-502

1931: 503-1302

Location: Information plate on the front of the operators station

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Last Updated: November 3rd, 2022

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