44 Diesel (1948-1955)

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This tractor came out post-Second Worl War and was just what the farming boom needed that swept across North America. Thisi tractor offered the right amount of power at a resonable price that made many farmers eager to purchase the tractor. It offered multiple variants including a tricycle, wide front, four or six cylinder engine, gasoline, diesel, tractor fuel, or LP gas.

Tractor Info

Engine: Continental

Cylinders: 4

Bore & Stroke: 3.875 x 5.50

RPM: 1,350

CID: 260

Fuel: Diesel

Main Fuel Tank Cap: 25

Aux Fuel Tank Cap: 1.5

Carburetor: Bosch Injector Pump

Cooling Capacity: 5.75

Drawbar HP: 37.9

Belt PTO HP: 43.04

Weight: 4,565 lbs



Number of Gears: 5/1


1946: 1001GS

1947: 10016S, 10026R, 1002GR, 1141GS

1948: 1001DS, 1871GS, 20016S, 2048GR, 29836R

1949: 1001DR, 1023DS, 4528GS, 47556R, 5312GR

1950: 1004DR, 13828GR, 2180DS, 26016S, 52556R, 9581GS

1951: 13726GS, 21815GR, 2483DR, 3989DS, 55096R

1952: 17059GS, 31275GR, 40001DR, 40001DS, 40001GR, 40001GS, 4704DR, 5639DS

1953: 43700DR, 43700DS, 43700GR, 43700GS

1954: 51364DR, 51364DS, 51364GR, 51364GS, 1955: 58067DR, 58067DS, 58067GR, 58067GS

Location: Metal tag left rear tractor frame forward of transmission case & stamped top left front corner

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