Aultman & Taylor Machinery Co

30-60 (1911-1924)

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Probably one of the best tractors of its time was the Aultman-Taylor 30-60, first offered in late 1910 or early 1911. From this time on to the sale of the company, the 30-60 remained at the top of the Aultman-Taylor line. A full canopy was standard equipment. Width was 107 inches across the 90 inch high drive wheels. Height was nearly 11 1/2 feet, and length was over 18 feet. It weighed 24,450 pounds. The early models used a square radiator with induced draft being provided by the engine exhaust. The 30-60 was Aultman-Taylors first and most successful internal combustion engine earning the nicknames “Old Trusty” and “King of Road Builders” for its role in road infrastructure across the United States.

Tractor Info

Cylinders: 4

Bore and Stroke: 7x9

RPM: 500

Fuel: Kerosene/Gasoline

Main Fuel Tank Cap: 60

Drawbar HP: 30

Belt PTO HP: 60

Length: 216

Width: 110

Height: 141 with exhaust

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Last Updated: November 16th, 2022

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