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Allis Chalmers


Allis-Chalmers WC



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Last Updated: October 18th, 2023

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The photo was taken by A Personal Touch Photography. It was my great grandfathers and grandfathers first farm tractor.
An Allis Chalmers unstyled WC. The tractor was bought new with rear steel wheels. At some point the steel wheels were cut off and had rubber tire rims welded in its place.
he tractor performed all the tasks on the 163 acre farm since it took place of the horses. Later my grandparents bought an Allis Chalmers B and a WD45 to help with more chores on the farm.
The tractors main purpose on the farm was cultivating until spray equipment became available. It was also used for plowing, raking, bailing, mowing, hauling manure and firewood, and any other task on the farm.
The tractor left the farm in the late 1970’s. Around 2005 my dad and I tracked it down and found out who owned it.
A few years later the man had an auction and I bought it right after I got married.
I stored it for two years, moved, and disassembled it in one day.
It took two years looking for parts and another year to assemble, straighten the sheet metal and paint it.
I’m extremely proud of how it turned out and I think my great grandfather and grandfather would be very proud of how it looks now. It’s been to many shows and tractor pulls since. It was bought new by my great grandfather Vern Ridinger in 1938 at C.E. Stambaugh in York PA