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William Galloway was born in 1877 near Berlin, Iowa. By 1899, he held the prestigious job of territory man for an implement company. Disliking the high-pressure sales tactics, innumerable commissions, and regimented selling practices, Galloway left his employer and moved to Waterloo, Iowa, In Waterloo, Galloway’s interest turned to automobiles. In 1902, he bought a carload of one-cylinder Cadillacs and parked them all in front of his office. The tactic worked and Galloway was in the car business in a big way, but he sold out the car business in 1907.

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William Galloway got started in the manufacturing business in 1904 when he and Henry Greutsmacher, a Waterloo carriage builder, built an automobile of their own design. The William Galloway Company was incorporated in 1906. At this time he purchased the Cascaden Manufacturing Company, a long-time gas engine builder. In 1910, Galloway persuaded Fred Maytag to bring his newly designed car to Waterloo. Production began alright, but because of a faulty rear axle, the company folded and Maytag went back to Newton and began building washing machines. Production of the Galloway “Farmobile” tractor began in 1916 and continued into 1919. History has it that Galloway went bankrupt when he sold a whole lot of Farmobiles to Great Britain during the War, and the debt was not fully paid. The “Farmobile” was not shipped to England, but was known as the Garner tractor, and was built to the design of Henry Garner, Ltd., Morely Motor Works, Birmingham. Whether Galloway lost any money on this deal might be another story, but Wm. Galloway Company went broke in 1920. By 1927, William Galloway & Sons rose from the ashes and stayed in the short line farm equipment business for some years. Mr. Galloway died in 1952.


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