Thieman Harvester Co.

During the 1930’s, Thieman designed an economy tractor
that consisted of a $185 tractor frame, less the motor
itself. Options included a governor, drawbar, air cleaner,
and rubber or steel wheels. Designed specifically for the
Model A Ford, this outfit was also available for use with a
1928 Chevrolet or a Dodge Four engine. The motor,
driveshaft, and rear axle were then adapted to the
Thieman frame. It was also arranged so that any two-row
horse cultivator could be adapted to the tractor. The idea,
of course, was to salvage the engines from used or junked
automobiles and create inexpensive tractors from otherwise
scrap components. The idea had quite a bit of merit
during the depression years, and thus Thieman had a
readily salable item right up until World War II curtailed

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Thieman Harvester Company was organized and incorporated
in 1921. The Thieman brothers were Henry
D., William B., Herman, Charles, and Warren. Their
first invention was an ensilage harvester. A number of
other farm items were built, including livestock
feeders and waterers, endgates, plow guides, saw
frames, and power units. Thieman also built an
unrelated item — steel burial vaults.
In 1936, after much revision and rebuilding, the first
Thieman tractors were sold with Model A Ford
engines at a cost of approximately $500. Sales were so
brisk that as many as 150 people were employed 24
hours a day in peak seasons.
Due to the shortage of steel during World War II,
production of tractors and burial vaults was suspended.
In 1945 the business was sold, and within a short
time it was sold once again, finally going into


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