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The first Steiger tractor was built in a dairy barn during the winter of 1957-1958. The original model logged over 10,000 hours of farm duty. It was followed by Model #2 with a 100 horsepower Detroit Diesel, introduced in 1962. A Model 1200 Steiger tractor appeared in 1963 and was powered by a Detroit Diesel four-cylinder, 110 horsepower engine. The Model 1700, 2200, and 3300 Steiger tractors were manufactured from 1963 to 1969. They introduced the “Wildcat” in 1969. The Series II models were built from 1974 to January 1976. During 1973 and 1974, Steiger introduced the Cougar II and the Turbo Tiger I models. The Steiger factory contained all manufacturing processes, except wheel fabrication, under one roof.

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Two brothers, Douglass and Maurice Steiger wanted a large, powerful tractor for their farm operations. Unable to find what they wanted, they built their own tractor from stock Euclid parts in 1957. Before long, neighbors began ordering tractors. As the demand increased it became obvious that the farm at Red Lake Falls, Minnesota was unsuited for expansion. In Januray 1969, the Steiger brothers in association waith a group of businessmen and farmers formed a new corporation and moved to Fargo, North Dakota. Steiger began building four wheel drive tractors for International Harvester Company in 1973. Sales that year totaled over $20 million. The Steiger Seriess II tractors appeared in 1974, and that same year, Steiger began construction on a 420,000 square foot plant, the largest four wheel drive tractor plant in the world. By 1975, the Steiger plant had a capacity of some twenty tractors per shift. Beginning in 1974, Steiger began to expand the foreign market operations. Steiger Australia ,Ltd. was established in 1976, and dealerships had been organized in Central and South America. In 1986, Case IH acquired the brand and continues production of tractor models under the Steiger name.


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# Produced

Bearcat I

Four-Wheel Drive


Cougar I

Four-Wheel Drive


Bearcat II ST225

Four-Wheel Drive


Cougar II ST300

Four-Wheel Drive


Bearcat III ST220

Four-Wheel Drive


Bearcat III PT225

Four-Wheel Drive


Cougar III PT250

Four-Wheel Drive


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