Standard Tractor Co.

Originally rated as a 20-40 tractor, the Standard was shown with an increated 22-45 rating during 1919 and 1920. Of the 250 different tractor models offered in 1920, 83% of them used four-cylinder engines but only 15% used roller chain final drives such as featured in the Standard.

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Standard Tractor Company spent most of its short life relocating from one city to another. Originally organized in 1913 as Humber-Anderson Company at St Paul, it was relocated to Willmar, Minnesota, and renamed the Willmar Tractor Company in 1915. in late 1916, the Standard Tractor Company was formed in Minneapolis, but in December of that year, the company announced plans to move to Stillwater, Minnesota. Standard finally got set up at the Stillwater plant, and in 1917 the firm got a contract with the Auto Pull Company to manufacture an auto-tractor conversion unit.


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