Square Turn Tractor Co.

Inconsistently rated as an 18-30 and later as an 18-35, the Square Turn tractor remained basically unchanged during its entire production. The Square Turn used a unique system of fiber-faced driving cones which enabled one drivewheel to travel forward and one to travel backward in making a sharp turn.

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During its first three years of existence, the Square Turn people spent most of their time moving from one city to another. Originally, the company was incorporated as the Kenney-Colwell company at Norfolk. Their 1915 announcement also named the new tractor “The K.C.”. In 1916, Albaugh-Dover COmpany at Chicago Illinois bought out the Kenney-Colwell interests with intentions of building the new tractor. Albaugh-Dover was a well-known mail-order house. Square Turn Tractor Company was organized as a Delaware Corporation in December 1917. Albaugh-Dover gave up on the tractor idea and the whole operation moved back to Norfolk again. During its entire production, the “K. C.” or “Square Turn” tractor remained basically the same, and 18-30 front wheel drive outfit with a single rear steering wheel. In 1925, the assets of Square Turn Tractor Company were sold at a sheriff’s sale.


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Square Turn 18-30


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