Shelby Tractor & Truck Co.

Three different tractor models were offered from 1919 to
1921 by Shelby Tractor & Truck Company. The Shelby
people started things off in 1919 with a 9-18 model using a
little Waukesha 3 3/4 x 5 1/4 inch four-cylinder motor. In 1920,
a 15-30 model was added. It was a 5,000 pound rig with an
Erd four-cylinder 4 3/4 x 6 inch engine. The 1921 line used
the same 15-30, but the 9-18 model was re-rated to 10
drawbar and 20 brake horsepower.

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In 1918 the Shelby Tractor and Truck Company of Shelby, Ohio was formed. Not long after forming they went on to merge with the Shelby Electric Company and became on large corporation. Their first tractor in production was the 19-18 2-plow tractor. The company closed in 1922.


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12-25 D


9-18 C


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