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S.L. Allen & Company announced the “Planet, Jr.” in 1920. The two front-mounted drivewheels and articulated frame showed great similarity to the Moline Universal. This 2,300-pound machine sold for $1,000 in 1920. LeRoi provided its very popular four-cylinder 3 1/8 x 4 1/2 inch engine. This same L-head engine was used in many different cultivators. One of the great disadvantages of this machine was that it required a 22-foot turning circle. After a couple of years, the Planet, Jr. disappeared from the scene.

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S.L. Allen began in 1868. It operated out of a small workshop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1876 the company moved into a small building but a few weeks later the factory burned. They were able to salvage some machinery and moved into a recently vacated soap factory. This afforded them improved rail access as well as its own power plant and forging shop. eliminating the need to have larger parts made on contract. In 1877, the new factory went into operation. S.L. Allen closed its doors for good in 1968.


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