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The Pioneer “30” boasted a vibrationless motor. Proof of this was carried in an advertising photo showing a coin balanced on the frame of the tractor while a photographer took a one-minute time exposure. It was listed still in 1927, the last year the company was represented in the tractor directories. A gigantic Pioneer “45” was listed as late as 1913. The 15-30 Pioneer “Pony” appeared about 1916 and was advertised for one season. No doubt about it, the Pony was designed to meet the small tractor trade, One of Pioneer’s better-known models appeared in 1917. Just as the “Pony”, the “Special” was rated 15-30. As with the heavyweight models, the “Special” used a three-speed transmission. In Canada, this tractor was sold as the “Winona Special” 15-30. It was manufactured in Winona, but sales were handled through Winona Tractor Company Ltd. Regine, Saskatchewan. By mid-1919, the Pioneer “Special” had been replaced with a conventional but classy 18-36 model. After 1927, Pioneer tractors disappeared from the directory listings.

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Pioneer Tractor Company was incorporated in Minneapolis on April 28, 1909. This firm offered the Pioneer Field Motor and the Auto Grain Separator. The Pioneer Tractor Manufacturing company was incorporated in Winona on February 23, 1910. C. M. Youmans was its first president. Youmans had a lumber yard in Winona as early as 1866 and was later involved with the New Winona manufacturing Company No reason can be found why the company incorporated the second time at Winona since the principals of the company were the same in both cases. By mid-1910, Pioneer began building tractors at Winona, and by 1911, the Pioneer 15 and 30 models were on the market. A 45-90 model came along about 1912, but only a few were built. Few changes were made to the Pioneer tractors during their entire production run. The company was reorganized in January 1925, as Pioneer Tractors, Incorporated. This firm only lasted a short time.


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