Nilson Tractor Co.

Nilson announced their first tractor in 1915. The machine was mounted on springs to keep vibration to a minimum. A special feature was the method of incrfeasing traction. Plows or other loads could be connected to the hooks at the top tf the upright frame over the bull wheel. The draft of the towed implement exerted a downward pull on the bull wheel, increasing traction. No mention was made of front-end weights. Within a few months of its initial announcement, the Nilson Farm Machine had taken on a streamlined look with a tapered hood, and steel chain covers. The steering wheel and controls were set up similar to prevalent automobile practice. Nilson claimed this tractor was the sensation of the tractor shows and it no doubt found a waitin market.

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The Nilson Agricultural Machine Company was incorporated on March 19, 1913. Within a few months, the name was changed to Nilson Farm Machine Company. Nilson announced in November 1915 that the tractor would be built at Waukesha, Wisconsin. The following year the company announced that it was also moving its offices to Waukesha, but maintaining a small office in Minneapolis in 1918, with the assets being sold in 1919. A rapid-fire series of reorganizations followed. The Minnesota-Nilson corporation was organized on February 16, 1920. Flour City Ornamental Iron Works of Minneapolis was the moving force behind this company. By June of that year, it was announced that Crown Iron Works of Minneapolis would take over production on the Nilson tractor. After 1922, Nilson’s sales declined, but that tractor was listed in the trade directories until 1929. on August 9 of that year, the company filed articles of dissolution. Repair parts were available as late as 1936.


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