Little Giant Co.

Little Giant tractors were adaptable to many jobs on the farm, such as this corn husking scene from the early 1920s. For 1920, they sold the Model A 26-35. The little Model B 16-22 was listed in 1920. Little Giant tractors used their own engines with featherweight four-ring pistons. Beginning in 1925, the Model A was rated downward to a 12-22, the Model B rating was likewise lowered to 18-35 horsepower.

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Little Giant Company was formed on August 10, 1918. The change was one in name only, from its predecessor, Mayer Brothers Company in Mankato Minnesota. Little Giant tractors gained a wide reputation besides an excellent domestic market, some were exported notably to France and Italy. The tractor models remained virtually unchanged until production ended about 1927. After tractor production ended, Little Giant Company specialized in building power hammers. These had already been on the market for several years. Little Giant Company remained an industry leader in the field until they were sold to Roger Rice in 2013.


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# Produced

Model A 26-35


Model B 16-22


Model B 18-35


Model A 12-22


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