Lang Tractor Co.

Lang tractors carried a 15-30 horsepower rating. One of the Lang tractor’s biggest features was a simple self-steering device, powered by the engine. The Lang people stressed high-quality materials and workmanship. Their advertising pointed out that “every part is made as well and as strong as possible”.

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Lang Tractor Company was incorporated on January 29, 1917, but the announcement of the new company was not made until the Fall of that year. The time lag from the corporation date to until the completed machines started rolling out the door prompted some questions from the Better Business Bureau of Minneapolis, but all fear was eased when Lang’s intentions were known. Lang tractors had three wheels. Their weight distribution placed almost all of the weight over the drive wheels. A downward draft hitch arrangement placed increasing traction on the drivers as the load increased. Like the majority of small tractor builders, Lang ceased operation by 1920.


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