Lambert Gas Engine Co.

Lambert abandoned the idea of mounting their stationary engines on the Morton trucks in 1912 and came out with an unusual orchard tractor. The rear wheel tread design was a unique feature, and the full hood and fenders protected both the trees and the tractor from each other. Apparently low mounting of the steering wheel and seat enabled the operator to gain the protection of the hood, thus sparing him from being slapped by tree branches. The Steel Hoof tractor was also introduced in 1912 by Lambert. Its unique drive wheel was designed to contact the ground much like a horse’s hooves. As the wheel turned, the pads retracted thus providing a self-cleaning wheel. The full hood and fenders coupled with an automotive-style control panel gave a modern look to a 1912 machine.

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Some have claimed that the first Lambert tractors were built in 1894. Although nothing of commercial success followed for several years. Lambert was a pioneer builder of gas and gasoline engines. In 1906, Lambert mounted one of their engines on a Morton traction truck and began selling tractors on a regular basis, just as many other stationary engine builders were doing at the time, Some of these include Alamo, Lauson, Rockford, Foos, and many others. In 1916, Lambert was reorganized as Buckeye Manufacturing Company.


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