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Kinnard Press Company undertook to build their own gasoline engine in 1896. It was placed on the market in the Spring of 1897. The “Flour City” trademark was adopted in about 1898. Despite the reports that Kinnard began experimenting with tractors already in 1894, no announcement was made until August 1899, and production was not started until the spring of 1900. A 25 horsepower tractor was exhibited at the Minnesota State Fair that year. The “Kinnard” four-plow tractor was introduced in 1915 and was entered in the Fremont, Nebraska Tractor Demonstration that year.

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O. B. Kinnard and Albert Haines began operating their machine shop about 1882. Shortly after beginning their venture, the firm was identified as the maker of the shingle mill machinery. Kinnard Press Company was organized on October 18, 1889., reflecting a specialization in building hay presses. In 1896 the company was again reorganized, but Kinnard and Haines both continued to be active members of the organization. Kinnard-Haines Company was incorporated on December 13, 1901, replacing the Kinnard Press Company. A Flour City stationary engine powered the tractors through 1907, is then replaced with an entirely new four-cylinder outfit. Kinnard & Sons Manufacturing Company was organized in 1917, succeeding Kinnard-Haines Company. O. B. Kinnard passed away in 1925. After his death, the business faltered, due mainly to the decline of the heavyweight tractor business. In late 1929, the Kinnard & Sons Manufacturing Company was purchased by Bros Steel Products Company.


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