Illinois Tractor Co.

The new motor cultivator was available with a single-cylinder engine of four horsepower. Optionally, a two-cylinder 8 horsepower motor or a small four-cylinder engine could be used. Drives were mainly of malleable iron chain, the only gears were in the differential. In the 1917 model steering was accomplished using individual clutches in the rear wheels with two front caster wheels. By the arrangement, the Illinois Cultivator could turn in its tracks.

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Illinois Silo Company was originally organized as the name implies to build silos. In 1916, Illinois Silo announced a new motor cultivator, Around 1917, Illinois Silo & Tractor Company had changed its name and improved its motor cultivator. The Illinois tractor emerged in 1918, although some features were retained from the earlier motor cultivator. In 1919, they again changed their name to Illinois Tractor Company and offered the 18-30 “Super Drive” model, which was offered through 1921. A larger 22-40 Super Drive model was offered in 1920. Robert Bell Engine & Thresher Company sold the Super Drive in Canada but under the trade name of “Imperial Super-Drive”. Nothing was listed in the directories after 1921.


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Illinois Tractor Cultivator


Illinois 12-30


18-30 Super-Drive


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