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Hero announced their 20 horsepower tractor in 1911. Albert O. Espe designed this tractor and it shows marked similarity to the Universal and the Avery tractors which he had also designed.

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Hero had been building fanning mills, smut machines, and other products for several years prior to their brief entry into the tractor business. The machine was to be manufactured at Winnipeg under the supervision of Albert O. Espem formerly with the Crookston Manufacturing Company, Crookston, Minnesota. Espe had designed the Universal tractor, taken over by Northwest Thresher Company, and later by Rumely. Hero bought out Espe’s patents, plans, and patterns. They then purchased the factory equipment at Crookston. The Winnipeg operation was capitalized and Hero advertised for buyers of stock shares in the new outfit. Apparently, the whole deal fell through, since nothing more can be learned about the operation after 1911. It seems possible that J. B. Bartholomew over at Avery Company might have had something to do with the early demise of the Hero tractor. Espe had also designed the Avery tractor, and shortly after, Espe ended up on J. B.’s payroll.


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