Henry Millard & Henry Co.

Henry, Millard & Henry Company advertised a tractor in 1911. It followed popular designs o the day, a single-cylinder low-speed engine mounted on traction trucks. This particular model used a stationary style engine with volume governing, rather than the ordinary hit and miss governing commonly used. This provided a somewhat steadier power but sacrificed fuel economy on light loads. The hit and miss engines took a charge only when the speed dropped below a certain point. The volume governed engines took a fuel charge of varying quantity on every intake stroke. HM&H was still advertising their single-cylinder tractor in 1914. Earlier known as the “Advance”, by 1914, it was sold as the HM&H. This firm was building stationary, portable, and traction engines at this time.

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Henry, Millard & Henry Company advertisements can be found from 1911 to 1914. Little else can be found about this company. The days were numbered for heavyweight tractors, so the company called it quits and got out of the tractor business shortly after.


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HM & H “Advance”


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