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The 1912 Heer tractor used a 25 HP two-cylinder opposed engine. It could turn in an 8-foot circle, a remarkable achievement in 1912 tractors. three forward speeds were provided. By 1914, three models were available, a 16-24, a 20-28 size, and the 24-32 model. All three sizes used the two-cylinder opposed engine, but of varying sizes. All used the four-wheel drive configuration.

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Chris Heer started building tractors in 1910, although they were not publicly announced until 1912. Heer had developed a two-cylinder opposed engine for stationary purposes, and this same engine design was successfully applied to the Heer tractor. The firm started as Morton-Heer Company, an alliance between Heer and the Morton interests over at Ohio Manufacturing Company When the tractor was announced in 1912, it was the only four-wheeled outfit on the market. In 1915 Heer finally received a patent on his four-wheel-drive tractor. he had waited for this patent for several years. Although Heer had been building his tractors on a patent-pending basis during this time the patent itself was of little satisfaction because the company got into financial trouble in 1916. It was then reorganized as the Reliable Tractor and Engine Company at Portsmouth,


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