Hagan Gas Engine & Mfg. Co.

Hagan gas engines were protected under U.S. Patents 731,999 of April 1903 and No. 757,917 of April 1904. Hagan traction engines were built for a short time, about 1906 to 1908. They were available in several sizes from 14 to 50 HP. Little specific information is available but these tractors adapted the Hagan stationary engines to the tractor chassis.

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Louis T. and Charles Hagan organized this company about 1903.The Hagan people employed 50 to 80 men at the peak of production. Most efforts were directed to Hagan stationary and portable engines. Wages ranged from 6 cents per hour for laborers up to $2.00 for top men. A rig with a circular carriage and rollers that shifted drive wheels, engine, and operator when turning never got past the prototype stage. Only one was built, and the project was abandoned after a few months. Hagan ended all production in 1918.


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Hagan Traction Engine


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