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On August 1, 1911, the first Hackney Auto Plow hit the market. Painted red and yellow, it was an attractive outfit. By a unique arrangement, the operator could run the machine in either direction, using either the fore or aft seat. For plowing, the drive wheels were ahead, but for road work, the single front wheel led things off. With a 22-40 horsepower rating, the Hackney Auto Plow was capable of handling three 14 inch plows. Three forward speeds were available, and “forward” all depended on which way you wanted to head the machine.

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Leslie, William, and Joseph Hackney had been very successful in the land business. Their nest egg resulted from buying and selling railroad land in North Dakota. In January 1909, Hackney Manufacturing Company was organized to build iron gates and other items. The Hackney Auto Plow emerged from this plant on August 1, 1911. The tractor business was sold to Standard Motor Company, Mason City, Iowa in February of 1914. Apparently, the Standard Motors venture fizzled out, since little more was heard of the operation. The Hackney Auto Plow Company was incorporated then in June 1917 and they announced they would continue to build the 3, 4, and B models. In January 1918, the tractor plant was destroyed by fire, the company folded, and that ended the Hackney tractor.


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