Gramont Traction Plow Co.

The Gramont Traction Plow was announced in January 1913. This unit was the invention of A.W. Grant and Paul A. Montanus. Grant was the inventor of the Springfield-Kelly tire, and Montanus was connected with the Springfield Machine Tool Company. Two front-mounted drive wheels six feet in diameter transmitted the power produced by a 35 horsepower, opposed cylinder engine. The outfit carried a three-bottom plow and weighed five tons. A larger 5-gang unit was also listed in 1913 with a 50 HP engine. It had 24 x 66-inch drivers, weighed 12,500 pounds, and was nearly twenty feet long

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No information can be found about the start of this company. After initial announcements, nothing more is known of this company or its traction plows.


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Gramont Traction Plow


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