Grain Belt Tractor Co.

A unique tractor was presented by the Grain Belt Tractor Company in 1917. The original model used a Waukesha cross-mounted engine and a large tubular radiator. It carried a 15-30 horsepower rating. From the Fargo plant came an improved model with an 18-36 rating. The unique radiator mounting gave an out-of-the-ordinary appearance. the Grain Belt tractor disappeared from the market by 1920.

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Charles Himrich at Fessenden, North Dakota developed the Grain Belt tractor. Himrich and other investors incorporated the company in Minneapolis, Minnesota on January 18, 1917. In February 1917, the company’s 15-30 tractor was announced. Manufacturing problems arose, and the company announced that it was moving to St. Cloud Minnesota in November 1917. this didn’t work out either, and by June 1918, Grain Belt was operating from Fargo North Dakota. On October 29, 1918, the company was reorganized as the Grain Belt Manufacturing Company. Besides the original firm, two other companies, Fargo Foundry & Engineering Company, and Dakota Welding & Manufacturing Company were part of the merger. Grain Belt disappeared from the tractor market about 1920.


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