Graham-Paige Motors Corp.

The Graham-Bradley 32 HP tractor emerged in 1938. The Graham-Paige people were building cars at this time and used their own six-cylinder engine. Graham Paige offered the Model 104 in 1939, a standard tread version of the 32 HP model. Both tractors featured Delco-Remy electrical systems and Schebler carburetors. Graham-Bradley tractors had an exceptionally wide range of speeds from 2 to 20 MPH. As a special inducement, the Graham automobile was optionally available with a Graham-Bradley tractor franchise and vice versa. the 1941 Tractor Field book lists these models as being no longer in production. In 1945, ads appeared announcing a new line of Graham tractors that were to be produced in 1946. However, Graham-Paige became involved in the new Kaiser-Frazier Corp and tractor production was shelved for good in the rush to get the new Kaiser and Frazier automobiles onto the market.

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Brothers Joseph B, Robert C., and Ray A. Graham bought out the failing Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company and founded the Graham-Paige Motors Corporation in 1927. Grappling with the effects of the Great Depression, Graham-Paige launched their first agricultural venture with the introduction of the Graham-Bradley tractor in 1937. 237 Graham-Bradley tractors were manufactured in 1937 with their first release in 1938. In 1940, the last general-purpose tractor was sold.


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Graham-Bradley 32 H.P.


Model 104


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