Gile Tractor & Engine Co.

Gile started building tractors in 1913 and by 1916, three models were available. The 10-20 was offered in two models, the Model L with one front steering wheel and the Model XL with two front wheels. A Gile two-cylinder engine powered the 10-20. In 1917, Gile agreed to build the Stinton tractor, a machine similar in most respects to the Gile 10-20. Protection was granted to the investors of this machine under patent. The Model Q Gile tractor came out in 1918. The unit frame construction in this 1918 model represented the ultimate tractor design. Wallis began the unit frame idea with their boilerplate crankcase. Henry Ford tried out his little “Detroit growler”, the Fordsonm with cast iron from one end to the other. Gile followed suit. By the mid-1920s the majority of American farm tractors were utilizing the unit frame design.

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Gile Tractor & Engine Company was established in 1909, by J.S. Stearns, W.L. Mercereau, M.B. Danaher, F.B. Olney, and others. Gile started building tractors in 1913. By 1914, J.S. Stearns purchased the interests of all the other stockholders and became the sole owner of the company.


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Model XL 10-20


Model K 12-24


Model Q 15-35


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