Peter and Daniel Geiser formed the Geiser Manufacturing Company in 1869, in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. They built steam traction engines, grain separators, threshers, and plows. “Peerless” was the company’s brand name. After their expansion into Greencastle, Pennsylvania they began production of their first gasoline engines, until this point all of Geiser products had been steam powered. The plant caught on fire in 1940 while removing equipment. The fire leveled the whole plant and it was said the glow from the fire could been seen from up to 40 miles away.

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The Geiser Company expanded in 1899 and purchased Crowell Industrial Park in Greencastle, Pennsylvania. Emmerson-Brantingham Company of Rockford, Illinois purchased Geiser Manufacturing Company in 1912. In 1936 the Geiser Company went bankrupt and was forced to sell everything.


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Peerless Traction Engine

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