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Gaar, Scott & Company announced its entry into the tractor business in early 1911. A prototype model had been built and sold in 1910. Unfortunately, Gaar-Scott had little opportunity to get their tractor market established, since the firm was acquired by M. Rumely Company in 1911.

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Abram Gaar was a cabinetmaker and millwright. In 1849 he purchased the Spring Foundry at Richmond and renamed it A. Gaar & Company. Mr.Gaar remained active in the company until his death in 1894. As the business grew, a son John M.Gaar, joined his father. A partner, William G. Scott was in charge of the business end of the company, and the Gaar’s took care of the mechanical department. The company was incorporated in 1870 under its final name. Gaar-Scott steam traction engines were very popular, as were their threshers, sawmills, and other equipment. They developed a large gas tractor but barely got it on the market before M. Rumely Company bought out the Gaar-Scott interests. Rumely marketed it for a short time until they disposed of the remaining inventory, naming it the “TigerPull”.


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