Fageol Motors Co.

Unique drive wheels distinguished the 9-12 Fageol tractor. It was listed in the tractor directories from 1918 through 1924. Only one forward speed was provided. The hood vents were similar to those used on Fageol trucks and buses of the era.

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William B. Fageol and his brother Frank R. Fageol established the Fageol Motors Company in 1916 in Oakland, California. The company was established as an automobile and truck dealership in Oakland. Around 1916, W. C. Morse purchased the truck dealership. The factory constructed in 1917 continued to be used by Fageol and its successor, Peterbilt until 1960. Fageol built a Hamilton farm tractor. this was initially designed by Rush Hamilton. Horatio Smith redesigned the tractor to bring it more in line with the needs of West Coast farmers. The farm tractor division was sold in 1923 to Great Western Motors Company.


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9-12 Fageol


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