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The Multipedal 18-35 was a heavyweight crawler model. It had exceptionally long tracks with the weight being distributed ovet six rollers on each side. Reminiscence of those days recalls that engines of that size could be anything but “automatic” when it came time to start up, especially on a cold winter morning. More of the Multipedal line appeared with Austin’s 1919 introduction of the 12-20 model. Austin listed a three-wheeled tractor cultivator for 1919 but no photographs were available. Austin built a 20-40 crawler tractor in 1919 and 1920. It wasn’s a whole lot different than the old 18-35, but had a slightly larger automatic engine. in 1919, they also offered a larger 75-125 model. No photographs are available. Conventional four wheel designs emerged from Austin factories in 1920. The 15-30 model’s greatest shortcoming was the total lack of an operator’s platform.

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Austin had been building construction machinery for some time prior to their 1918 entry into the tractor business.The F.C. Austin Machinery Company was incorporated in 1920. It took over the parent firm as well as a couple of other engineering and machine companies. Tractor production apparently ended with this merger, although the firm built motor graders and other road machinery for some years after the merger.


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