Empire Tractor Corp.

Cohen wanted to build tractors that would help war devestated countries get crops back in the ground. Empire’s first tractor, the Model 88 Empire was designed for use as a general purpose, light duty farm tractor. The Empire tractor was made for exportatoin only. They had no intention of selling in the U.S or Canadian markets. The tractor was to be sold to the US government. They would then be used in the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration program. Production had mostly come to an end by December of 1947. Unfortunately, Argentina began to claim that the tractor wasn’t suitable for farm work in that country and Mexico and a few other countries reported problems. Time magazine printed an article claiming the Empire wasn’t well made and should not have been sold.

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Little history is able to be confirmed about this company but it is believed that it was founded by Frank Cohen with its main offices in New York City and its manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania. It is said that during the war the facilities were used to manufacture military components and materials. After the war, Cohen developed the idea to buld a farm tractor. The Empire Tractor Corporation was incorporated in 1946. By 1948, due to quality control issues and bad press, the company went into bankruptcy and by early 1950, thte assests of Empire Tractor Corp were sold, therefore satisfying all creditors.


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